Elma Masaitiene

I work in different art mediums - pencil, watercolor, prints, oils, jewellery etc., and my art can be imaginable inner figurative landscapes and other times it could be geometrical abstract...

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Meg Dinkeldein

Committee Exhibitions Coordinator

I have always enjoyed the challenge and immediacy of painting en plein air, usually in water colour. During the colder months I paint in my studio (both in oil and water colour) preferring to use a...

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Jane Lydbury

Jane Lydbury is a freelance illustrator, printmaker and painter. Printmaking, in the form of wood engraving, has been her main technique as an illustrator.

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Joanna Weller

Art Training: I trained at Brighton, Leicester and Goldsmiths', University of London in Art Psychotherapy. I have received the Royal Society of Arts and the Guild of Craftsmen Awards. I work with...

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Kathy Drake

Committee Treasurer

Kathy Drake, painter and sculptor. I began as a sculptor over 30 years ago, mainly composing figurative work in wax and clay and casting in resin and cement. I work in acrylics, oils and pastels and...

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Daina Kiseliene

Painting clowns represents the seriousness of the human feelings. We like to visit the circus and watch funny performances with strange looking clowns. We enjoy and laugh, because clowns play out the...

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Bet Mishra

I use colour and form to define every day objects, landscapes and cityscapes, working intuitively and allowing the accidental to bring excitement to my work. I often on several canvases at a time...

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Angele Joneliene

In my paintings I am trying to reflect that wonderful, and not always visible world of colors, energy and wisdom.

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Pat Colman

My work usually covers the scenes about views around us and forms of figures. I like using colour and using watercolour, acrylic and pastel media.

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Sarah Hyde

Committee Membership Secretary

I work mainly as a ceramic artist, drawing inspiration from the light, colour and texture in sea, sky and landscape. I make thrown and handbuilt decorative vessels in porcelain and stoneware, which...

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