Annette Johnson

07889 768 947

Annette is a full-time painter/printmaker working from her Blackheath studio. She has exhibited at the Royal Academy, The Royal Society of Marine Artists and the Royal Institute of Painters in...

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Caroline Fletcher

I am a London-based abstract artist. My work seeks to express how I feel and respond to my experiences and surroundings. I work with acrylics as they allow me to work quickly and instinctively. My...

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Jane Lydbury

Jane Lydbury is a freelance illustrator, printmaker and painter. Printmaking, in the form of wood engraving, has been her main technique as an illustrator.

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Jenny Phillips

Jenny is an experienced artist who's had many solo exhibitions. Her oil paintings have been exhibited in London, including the Royal Academy, and sold internationally. She has a Masters degree in...

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Marjorie Ouvry

The landscapes and buildings of her native Scotland are Marjorie’s main inspiration. She paints in oil on canvas.

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Ann Hillary

Honorary Member

Mainly from observation and using a range of media, I draw, paint and make lino and mono prints. My interest is in the fall of light and unspoken feeling. tel. +44 (0) 7745 568839

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Nadine Coventry

I create art because I love creating new things, I enjoy exploring and mastering techniques, encapsulating feelings and emotions of the moment, The aim of my art is to find the beauty in the...

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Lubna Speitan

Capturing London after dark Lubna Speitan is renowned for her award-winning monochrome nightscapes of London, painted using a blend of acrylics and oils on canvas. Originals and limited edition...

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Rose Waites

Rose is known for her fluid offbeat colour, strong line & lively handling of pastel, charcoal, oil on canvas & paper 'sitters were shown in a spirit of joy & artistic freedom, yet truthful...

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Althea Battams

Committee Member

My paintings are based on the chance interplay between objects, light and shadows.

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