Jane Lydbury

Jane Lydbury is a freelance illustrator, printmaker and painter. Printmaking, in the form of wood engraving, has been her main technique as an illustrator.

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Shelagh Vida

I work in a variety of media, though mainly in oils. I am presently painting landscapes. I am fascinated by colour and scale and how the light changes so rapidly. I make sketches and colour notes...

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Basia Burrough

I am a portrait and landscape painter.

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Chris Francis

My Works: Representation of the subject via its colour form, shape, texture, line and tone to stimulate a view of what should be observed as per Degas: "Art is not what the artist sees but what the...

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Ormond Noonan

From early childhood I loved painting with watercolours, colouring with crayons and creating imaginative Irish landscapes with pastels. In my teens I acquired oil paints and a...

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Althea Battams

Committee Member

My paintings are based on the chance interplay between objects, light and shadows.

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