Alice Gur-Arie

07827 331 727

Alice invites viewers to replace the window through which they see the world, with a lens that re-imagines experience. Self taught and award nominated, her practice is based on hand painting...

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Angela Hendra Daley

I’ve made ceramics, sculpture, prints and paintings for over forty years. Now I’m drawing and painting from life, making collages, textile works and prints, and exploring paint techniques. I’ve...

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Lubna Speitan

Capturing London after dark Lubna Speitan is renowned for her award-winning monochrome nightscapes of London, painted using a blend of acrylics and oils on canvas. Originals and limited edition...

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Meg Dinkeldein

Exhibition Coordinator

I have always enjoyed the challenge and immediacy of painting en plein air, usually in water colour. During the colder months I paint in my studio (both in oil and water colour) preferring to use a...

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Angele Joneliene

In my paintings I am trying to reflect that wonderful, and not always visible world of colors, energy and wisdom.

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Bet Mishra

I use colour and form to define every day objects, landscapes and cityscapes, working intuitively and allowing the accidental to bring excitement to my work. I often on several canvases at a time...

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Terry Sole

Honorary Member

Member of the Society since 1966...Committee member for some years in the 1960's and 1970's and also accountant and auditor in those early years. Exhibited first in All Saint's Hall for many years....

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Aleksandra Niemczyk

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Deirdre Ellis

I work with oils on canvas and enjoy capturing nature and outdoor scenes.  Freedom and  abstraction are the qualities I want to portray.

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Alba Duro


I'm a selftaught artist and a financier by profession. Since early childhood I've been an enthusiast of the natural world and my paintings are an expression of this. Through painting I aim to depict...

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