Ann Hillary

Honorary Member

Mainly from observation and using a range of media, I draw, paint and make lino and mono prints. My interest is in the fall of light and unspoken feeling. tel. +44 (0) 7745 568839

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Benjamin Hope

I paint

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Sarah Hyde

Membership Secretary

I work mainly as a ceramic artist, drawing inspiration from the light, colour and texture in sea, sky and landscape. I make thrown and handbuilt decorative vessels in porcelain and stoneware, which...

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Nancy Jimison

I love artists’ ability to bend the boundaries of reality through artistic license, content and composition. These are areas that I want to explore and sharpen in my paintings in order to achieve...

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Annette Johnson

07889 768 947

Annette is a full-time painter/printmaker working from her Blackheath studio. She has exhibited at the Royal Academy, The Royal Society of Marine Artists and the Royal Institute of Painters in...

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Angele Joneliene

In my paintings I am trying to reflect that wonderful, and not always visible world of colors, energy and wisdom.

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Theresa Jones

My work tends to be inspired by a cross between the natural world and thoughts and emotions; sometimes semi-abstract, these tend to be interpretations which serve to express something inarticulate or...

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Nellie Katchinska

Nellie Katchinska is a London-based artist. Her main artistic inspiration comes from observing everyday life around her, nature, people on the street. She works primarily in pastels and oil. Her...

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Karen Lewis

Painting helps to bring a sense of balance to my life. I paint anything that I feel, connects me to an experience of beauty. I try to capture something of my response to that beauty on paper and in...

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Jane Lydbury

Jane Lydbury is a freelance illustrator, printmaker and painter. Printmaking, in the form of wood engraving, has been her main technique as an illustrator.

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