Terry Scales

Terry Scales was born in Rotherhithe, at that time a busy community of Thames Watermen and visiting sailors. Coming from this background Terry is known for his deep affection for the Thames,...

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Theresa Jones

My work tends to be inspired by a cross between the natural world and thoughts and emotions; sometimes semi-abstract, these tend to be interpretations which serve to express something inarticulate or...

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Tom de Lee

I’m a local artist that works in a creative Industry & has passion for interior design. I paint abstract geometry & crisp lines from shapes that light creates hitting iconic Modernist or...

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Wayne Foskett

My work is mainly involved with pinhole photography. I love its serendipitous nature, and its ability to transform the banal into the poetic.

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Yi Qu

+44 7471298929

Yi Qu graduated from Edinburgh College of Art. Her drawings are influenced by multi-culturalism. She takes inspiration from her pastoral childhood, her multi-national living and advertising work...

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