Yi Qu

+44 7471298929

Yi Qu graduated from Edinburgh College of Art. Her drawings are influenced by multi-culturalism. She takes inspiration from her pastoral childhood, her multi-national living and advertising work...

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Tom de Lee

I’m a local artist that works in a creative Industry & has passion for interior design. I paint abstract geometry & crisp lines from shapes that light creates hitting iconic Modernist or...

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Theresa Jones

My work tends to be inspired by a cross between the natural world and thoughts and emotions; sometimes semi-abstract, these tend to be interpretations which serve to express something inarticulate or...

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Terry Sole

Honorary Member

Member of the Society since 1966...Committee member for some years in the 1960's and 1970's and also accountant and auditor in those early years. Exhibited first in All Saint's Hall for many years....

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Terry Scales

Terry Scales was born in Rotherhithe, at that time a busy community of Thames Watermen and visiting sailors. Coming from this background Terry is known for his deep affection for the Thames,...

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Sophie Morris

Sophie LJ Morris is self-taught, developing her practice through courses at St Ives School of Painting, Cornwall. Sophie is committed to making art that is accessible and so, as well as producing...

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Sofia Shireen

I am Sofia Shireen, an electronic engineer by profession, and a self-taught artist based in London. I have been drawing and painting since I was a kid. It is my biggest passion. Oil pastel is my...

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Shelagh Vida

I work in a variety of media, though mainly in oils. I am presently painting landscapes. I am fascinated by colour and scale and how the light changes so rapidly. I make sketches and colour notes...

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Sarah Hyde

Membership Secretary

I work mainly as a ceramic artist, drawing inspiration from the light, colour and texture in sea, sky and landscape. I make thrown and handbuilt decorative vessels in porcelain and stoneware, which...

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Sally Robson

I work in both Acrylic and Oil, mainly abstract, layering and mark making to build up rich textures.

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