Meg Dinkeldein

Exhibition Coordinator

I have always enjoyed the challenge and immediacy of painting en plein air, usually in water colour. During the colder months I paint in my studio (both in oil and water colour) preferring to use a...

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Kathy Drake


Kathy Drake, painter and sculptor. I began as a sculptor over 30 years ago, mainly composing figurative work in wax and clay and casting in resin and cement. I work in acrylics, oils and pastels and...

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Alba Duro


I'm a selftaught artist and a financier by profession. Since early childhood I've been an enthusiast of the natural world and my paintings are an expression of this. Through painting I aim to depict...

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Deirdre Ellis

I work with oils on canvas and enjoy capturing nature and outdoor scenes.  Freedom and  abstraction are the qualities I want to portray.

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Katie Clare Evans

I like to create affordable art using acrylics. I’m particularly drawn to metallics, so these feature heavily in my work and I’m exploring textures at the moment to create 3-D effects. I am new...

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Caroline Fletcher

I am a London-based abstract artist. My work seeks to express how I feel and respond to my experiences and surroundings. I work with acrylics as they allow me to work quickly and instinctively. My...

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Wayne Foskett

My work is mainly involved with pinhole photography. I love its serendipitous nature, and its ability to transform the banal into the poetic.

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Chris Francis

My Works: Representation of the subject via its colour form, shape, texture, line and tone to stimulate a view of what should be observed as per Degas: "Art is not what the artist sees but what the...

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Mary Griffiths

Fine Art Sculpture BA Central School of Art Bronze Casting Diploma Foundry Royal College of Art I studied Fine Art Sculpture at Central School London, graduating in 1984. My work has always...

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Alice Gur-Arie

07827 331 727

Alice invites viewers to replace the window through which they see the world, with a lens that re-imagines experience. Self taught and award nominated, her practice is based on hand painting...

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