Katie Clare Evans

I like to create affordable art using acrylics. I’m particularly drawn to metallics, so these feature heavily in my work and I’m exploring textures at the moment to create 3-D effects. I am new...

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Deirdre Ellis

I work with oils on canvas and enjoy capturing nature and outdoor scenes.  Freedom and  abstraction are the qualities I want to portray.

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Alba Duro


I'm a selftaught artist and a financier by profession. Since early childhood I've been an enthusiast of the natural world and my paintings are an expression of this. Through painting I aim to depict...

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Kathy Drake


Kathy Drake, painter and sculptor. I began as a sculptor over 30 years ago, mainly composing figurative work in wax and clay and casting in resin and cement. I work in acrylics, oils and pastels and...

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Meg Dinkeldein

Exhibition Coordinator

I have always enjoyed the challenge and immediacy of painting en plein air, usually in water colour. During the colder months I paint in my studio (both in oil and water colour) preferring to use a...

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Tom de Lee

I’m a local artist that works in a creative Industry & has passion for interior design. I paint abstract geometry & crisp lines from shapes that light creates hitting iconic Modernist or...

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Angela Hendra Daley

I’ve made ceramics, sculpture, prints and paintings for over forty years. Now I’m drawing and painting from life, making collages, textile works and prints, and exploring paint techniques. I’ve...

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Jonathan Cowell

I work with watercolour,oils,acrylic and collage and my work is largely derived from observed drawings, landscape and figure studies. There are two main strands to my work, one working directly from...

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Nadine Coventry

I create art because I love creating new things, I enjoy exploring and mastering techniques, encapsulating feelings and emotions of the moment, The aim of my art is to find the beauty in the...

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Pene Cairns

I draw and I love to make animal sculptures, sometimes life size.

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