Terms and Conditions for Contributing Artists

Virtual Online Exhibition Processes, Procedures, Terms and Conditions

1.  Member Artists are required to submit the following details for each piece submitted (i) name of artist including email and phone number contact details, (ii) Title of Piece, (iii) medium of material, (iv) artwork dimensions (WxHxD), (v) whether the artwork is framed or unframed, (vi) does the frame include glass?, (vii) one photo in either of the following formats: .JPG, .JPEG or .PNG in relation to each piece of artwork (BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY reserves the right to require fuller or better images), (viii) price in GBP (£) and, if desired, (ix) artists are permitted to submit a typed 200 character maximum description of each piece as a summary or comment on the work, to be included on the site.

NOTE: BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY will not publish private contact details, of any artist, (other than the Artist’s name and email address), on its website, including, for avoidance of doubt, bank details or phone numbers

2.  Up to three works may be submitted per Member artist and each artist is required to pay a non-refundable, administrative fee of £5 for each piece of artwork included in the exhibition upon submission of the works.

Making Payment of Entry Fees

In order to make payment for entry fees, use the following details: BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY Limited, Sort Code: 30-90-89; Account Number: 00022688.  Please make sure you include your surname as reference so we can identify your payment.

Exclusive Sales: BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY will not accept pieces of artwork on a “Not For Sale” basis. By submitting each individual piece of artwork, the Member Artist is agreeing that, for the time period upon which that artwork is on display for sale on the BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY website, that any sale is conducted through BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY in its capacity acting as agent on behalf of the Artist.

3.  Member Artists will be deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

4.  The BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY reserves the right not to accept works for exhibition which they collectively consider would not promote and enhance the reputation of the Society.

5.  A complete list of all pieces exhibited will be displayed on the website.

a. Order and positioning are at the discretion of the BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY Committee.
b. Artists must insure their own work if they want protection from duplication or copying or other usage of the image or other loss, theft or damage.    BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or theft  to exhibits, however sustained.
c. All artists are deemed to have sent by email an authority allowing the sale of their work at the specified price, with net commission proceeds being paid to BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY. BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY will act as the agent of each such artist. BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY will retain or receive a commission of 20% on any sale by the artists.
d. If a potential purchaser wishes to view the original, BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY will put them in touch with the artist with the artist’s consent. The responsibility for packaging and despatch of the painting will be the responsibility of the artist.Artists must insure their own work if they want protection from duplication or copying or other usage of the image or other loss, theft or damage.

6.  The BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY accepts no responsibility for any dispute which might arise between the artist and purchaser in relation to the BAS online exhibition artwork.

7.  In the event of a purchase, BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY will first receive confirmation of purchase and hold the proceeds, as agent of the artist. Only once it has been confirmed that delivery of the artwork in question has been made, whether by recorded delivery or other means, will BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY release the net proceeds to the artist.  The artist is responsible for all aspects of delivery of the artwork to the purchaser  (including P&P).

8.  All artists must specify their full contact details (including a phone number) so queries relating to works, viewing, costs of despatch, price of sales and proceeds can be dealt with quickly.

9.  The BLACKHEATH ART SOCIETY Committee reserves the right to add, alter or amend the above conditions from time to time.