Our exhibition of paintings, prints, photographs, ceramics and textiles is now showing in ORNC Visitor Centre

Cutty Sark Gardens,

Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, SE10

Open daily from 10 a.m to 5 p.m

Ann Hillary ...

BAS_ORNCex2019_A4poster_ORNC copy ORNC19BasiaBurrough ORNC19SarahHyde ORNC19JaneYoung ORNC19MLarkin&K.Honey ORNC19SueTaylor&A.Howard

Sarah Hyde - ceramics

Jane Young - silk scarves

Sue Taylor - ceramic bowl                                                                     Andrew Howard - ceramic tiles

Katherine Honey and Monica Larkin - jewellery and artwork

Basia Burrough

ARTWORK ON SHOW NOW in the ORNC Visitor Centre

Gallery Upstairs

till 24 November 2019